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Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions

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Upholstery Cleaning Los Angeles

upholstery cleaning

Everybody has a favourite sofa or chair that they absolutely love and don't want to throw away. even if it's in poor condition. Instead of changing the upholstery of your old and stained sofas and chairs we offer you an easier solution. Our company specializes in unique and professional cleaning methods for upholstery and carpets, and many other items.

Our specialists will custom design a solution specifically for your old sofa, our heavy duty cleaning materials the best methods of cleaning will soon have your sofa back to how it used to be. The result is always exciting: a fresh look for an old sofa or chair. 

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Residential Upholstery Clean, Green and Healthy Cleaning Service

Many of our clients ask us the same question – how come you can't get a good result from your home cleaning materials and a little bit of hard work. Well, the results will never be as good as a professional cleaning routine where we use machines, special cleaning supplies and our experience to make sure you get the best result.

upholstery Cleaning los angeles with green squad inc

The services we offer at Green Squad, are efficient fabric furniture cleaning services which enhances the appearance and durability of your upholstery. Upholstery is prone to acquiring dirt and grime, and overtime its appearance and appeal can deteriorate considerably, if left neglected and is not cleaned regularly.

The professional upholstery cleaning services, offered at Green Squad, help you maintain the appearance and quality of your upholstered furniture for a longer period of time, adding to your comfort and convenience.

When you use Green Squad, you are assured premium results of our rigorous upholstery cleaning services, which include technical methods of deep cleaning, protection and deodorization.

After hire our professional upholstery cleaning services, the results are evident. Our specialized and efficient cleaning services make your upholstered furniture appear livelier, new and rejuvenated. 


Whether there are deep stains from your pets, dust, pollen, animal hairs, food or any other reason, we at Green Squad inc. offer the best cleaning solutions for your to upholstery. We will make your sofa, your drapery, mattresses and carpets look new and shiny. All you have to do is giving us a call, we will be on our way! 


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