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Green Carpet Cleaning Solutions

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Q: What is carpet cleaning and how is it done?

A: As all carpet owners know, carpets have an annoying tendency to get dirty – be it hair (pet and human), dirt, dust and other materials, rugs often get clogged up and need to be cleaned. While vacuuming provides basic maintenance, deeper and more thorough cleaning requires better tools and more skill. This is done by using various techniques - with the main one being Hot Water Extraction - leaving your carpets looking clean and refreshed.

Q: What is "Hot Water Extraction"?

A: Hot Water Extraction is a cleaning method wherein hot water is sprayed through the carpet, dislodging all clogged up dirt and cleaning the carpet. At the same time, a high power vacuum pulls the water and dirt out of the carpet, making sure even the deepest fibers are clean and that no piece of dirt remains lodged in it.
Hot Water Extraction is often confused with Steam cleaning – however, Hot Water Extraction doesn't use steam. Steam can endanger some of the more delicate fibers and cause some of the colors to fade. To avoid that and make sure no harm comes to the carpets, Hot Water Extraction uses water that is just below than the boiling point, making sure your carpets stay at top condition.

Q: Why not simply vacuum?

A: While vacuuming is fine for daily maintenance, it doesn't affect the deeper fibers and layers of the carpet, where bacteria grow and dirt gets lodged – this is why many carpets lose their luster and become dull after a while, no matter how much you vacuum them.
However, with our tools and advanced methods, we are able to go deeper and make sure every layer of the carpet is cleaned, restoring each rug to perfect, clean and bacteria free condition.

Q: Is it safe for my rugs?

A: Yes! By using Hot Water Extraction and green cleaning materials, there is no danger to your rugs – in-fact, they will look better than ever and be in top condition.